The rains have stopped. She has to repair her hut. She has to preserve her meagre belongings. She has to feed her family. Let’s reach out.

Bhoomika has started the relief process by supporting community relief centers and senior citizen care centers by providing pre-loved clothing and sheets among other essential materials.

The rehab proposal will focus on:

  1. Dry Ration Kits: We are proposing to support families dependent on daily wages with ration kits to feed family of 4 with 3-weeks supply. We will focus on families dislocated from their huts to community centers and schools due to the rains. The first batch of 1,000 ration kits is being packed and will reach families very soon.
    Proposed location: Tiruvallur District and Chengulpet District are just out of Chennai corporation limits.
  2. Rebuild Homes: We propose to offer support to marginalized families for repairing their homes affected by the rains. After the Chennai floods in 2015- we had built 105 new houses for those living in huts. However, this program was halted once the Government proposed building houses for the marginalized. We are now looking at communities living in huts that have got damaged and propose to offer support to immediately repair these.
  3. Rebuild Schools: We propose to identify schools in Tiruvallur district that have suffered any damage to the roof and repair them. Through our project Rebuild Rural Schools, we have repaired over 20 schools from 2021 till date. We have built a 16,000 sq. ft. new school for those displaced from canal banks of Chennai.
  4. Livelihood: We have already been approached by weavers whose looms have suffered damage. Our team will conduct an assessment on ground to identify people who have suffered damage to tools of trade, catering equipment, vending carts, fishing nets etc.

These plans will evolve as our field team takes stock of ground reality. Our teams have surveyed several villages and clusters of remote settlements, and we are also receiving requests from a number of grass root NGO’s and volunteer groups for immediate assistance.