Your donation to this fundraiser supports Bhoomika Trust’s effort to ensure that hospitals and healthcare organizations have the necessary resources in the form of ventilators and oxygen equipments to assist with the second wave of COVID-19. Our present focus is to provide oxygen concentrators that uses ambient air to produce concentrated oxygen for COVID patients who have trouble breathing on their own. This equipment works well in the absence of oxygen tanks which are in short supply now. Oxygen concentrators will help people with milder symptoms who are taking up hospital beds away from people with more serious symptoms. An oxygen concentrator costs around USD 500 and each one of these units can help supply oxygen for an 8-hour period on a single charge. 100% of your donations will be used for this worthy cause, as Bhoomika Trust will use other sources for administrative and marketing expenses.

What is Bhoomika Trust and how is it helping India get over the second wave of COVID-19?

Bhoomika Trust, is an Indian Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) , that was started in 2000 to help the victims of the earthquake in Gujarat, India. It has been in every single natural disaster in India since then. It focuses on both immediate relief and rehabilitation. During disaster times, it works closely with the government and often coordinates NGOs together to avoid duplication of relief. During non-disaster times,it focuses on education, improving infrastructure and teaching methods.

Bhoomika is working closely with hospitals and healthcare organizations to ensure that they are well-equipped to handle the second wave of COVID-19 that is sweeping across India. The number of new cases is crossing 300,000 every day and the death toll was close to 2,761 on April 24, 2021. As the number of active cases is hitting millions in the country, hospitals are struggling to accommodate new patients as there is a serious shortage of hospital beds, ventilators and oxygen. Bhoomika is trying to help this situation by finding the necessary resources to assist the hospitals and healthcare organizations.

What is Deserving Causes India Foundation (DCI) and how do they support the Bhoomika Trust?

Deserving Causes India (DCI) Foundation, a registered US 501(c)(3) corporation, was created to build sustaining support in the US for social causes in India. It was started in 2016 to provide help to the people affected by the great floods of 2015 in Chennai, India. Since then, DCI has taken on a bigger mission to identify and promote causes around disaster relief & rehabilitation, education and blood donation. Over the past years, DCI has supported key causes identified by the Bhoomika Trust by raising funds in the US.

Say Thank You to Healthcare Workers

Help Indian Hospitals Fight Covid-19 Crisis

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IMPORTANT: If your company uses Benevity for Donations, you can also donate from your company’s internal benevity portal to take advantage of company’s donation matching programs as well (in addition to tax benefits). Search “Help Indian Hospitals Fight Covid-19 Crisis” cause (this cause is via Deserving Causes India Foundation) and donate for this specific project, in your company’s internal benevity portal.

How are we helping Indian hospitals fight COVID-19 crisis?

India is facing an unprecedented crisis with a record breaking number of new Covid-19 cases and deaths everyday. Many of the hospitals are already at or over capacity and are in dire need of support to ramp up their critical infrastructure to help save the disaster Covid-19 has brought on the country.

Help Indian Hospitals is a COVID Relief Campaign by IIT Kanpur alumni in coordination with Indian Civil Servants (IAS, IRS, IFS etc.).

Our campaign to provide on-demand medical supplies has exceeded its first goal of 150K USD within a week with fund utilisation of 95%.

To service incoming SOS calls from Hospitals, we have procured/supplied:

  • 60 oxygen concentrators
  • 70 oxygen cylinders
  • 17 Respiratory care machines (mini ventilators)
  • 25 Vital sign monitors (ECG etc)
  • Other essential supplies like stretchers, PPE, medicines

to 11 hospitals across 7 states.

We have set-up the necessary workflow and team to coordinate incoming requests from hospitals. We are relying on the extensive network of our core team: Indian Civil Servants are bringing in their on-the-ground expertise & demand from hospitals while others are connecting to suppliers across the country & world. This is really empowering us to fulfill the need ASAP. As you all know, time is of essence right now in this fight against Covid-19.

These life critical supplies are helping hospitals save thousands of lives but it is not enough.

In this relentless fight against COVID, every timely contribution matters. We are now targeting to raise 1M USD and help 100 hospitals across the country by supplying 400 oxygen concentrators, 200 mini-ventilators, 800 oxygen cylinders and other essential supplies.

So come join us with your support. Please visit our dashboard to know more about the team and detailed updates on execution.

Please contribute to this fundraiser, ask for corporate matching if applicable and share it with your families, friends and social media. Every penny of your hard-earned money would go towards saving lives.

Let’s Save Lives together!

For any queries on this fundraiser, please feel free to get in touch with us directly:

Vikram Pagaria,, +91 95304 00015.

Aditya Damani,, +65 9101 0625.

Siddharth Sodhani,, +1 408 306 8864.

Nishith Khantal,, +1 425 999 6470.

Ruchi Choudhary,, +1 650 714 6097.