Bhoomika Trust

Bhoomika Trust was setup in February 2001 with disaster relief and rehabilitation as its primary focus. They have worked extensively with victims of natural disasters like the earthquake in Gujarat and the tsunami in South India. They also work towards supporting the educational needs of underprivileged individuals. The Governor of TamilNadu presented the Florence Nightingale Silver Rolling Trophy (2005-2006) to Bhoomika Trust for their excellent work.

True Gifts

Have you wanted to give a meaningful gift to a special person in your life but couldn’t find the right present? Trying to find the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or special occasion? Worried that they may not like it, already have it, or don’t need it? True Gifts has the solution. Make that special person’s day while touching the lives of others. It’s the ideal gift! True Gifts is operated by Bhoomika Trust, effectively linking your contributions with program needs at various NGOs, providing you the satisfaction of knowing where your funds have been used, while adding an additional stream of revenue for NGOs.

Altius Foundation

Altius Foundation is a non-profit organization, passionate about education and seeks to transform learning. Through our collaborative projects, we have been able to reach out to numerous schools for underprivileged children and implement our innovative learning activities. Our projects aim to revolutionize learning and we believe in learning systems that empower the learner, irrespective of age. We are always on the lookout for new and exciting learning methods to incorporate in all our projects. We make learning simple, fun and accessible!


The CHILD organization was initiated in 2005 to offer protection to children who were stigmatized and burdened by the fact that they are from families with HIV/AIDS or abandoned children or destitute children. This project provides a home like environment with complete emotional and psychological support besides nurturing the talents within each child. Now we have 22 children at CHILD home who are being supported by financial aid for their education and also being supported in meeting their other basic amenities.