Livingstone is faced with a growing number of problems especially among the youth and women due to a number of factors. These problems include drug and alcohol abuse, crime, homelessness, prostitution and a high rise in HIV infections which all result from lack of education and recreational activities. Unemployment is also high among the youth and women in the communities.

In response to this problem, YEDS would like to establish youth sports and life skills training center. YEDS is dedicated to promoting education, life skills training, entrepreneurship and providing recreation for the welfare of young people & women in Livingstone and surrounding rural areas. Education is the key to a better future, sport has the power to change the world.


YEDS has recently been allocated land in order to establish a farming project that would generate income. This will ensure that the organization generates income in order to sustain itself. A budget of 20 thousand dollars is required to invest in the project (Landscaping, 2 boreholes, 2 pumps, solar panels, fencing, building a farm house and animal shelters). YEDS is kindly calling upon well-wishers for support in order to make the project a reality.


Youth Empowerment and Development through Sport (YEDS) was formed and registered in 2010. It is a nonprofit organization that seeks to promote, improve, and nurture the pattern of life for the youth and women using sport as a tool for development and positive social change. YEDS endeavors to establish good communication, cooperation and mutual understanding with the community, Government, Financial Institutions, indigenous and foreign Non-Governmental Organizations, and other stake holders in order to foster sustainable community development.

For the past 13 years YEDS has established itself as a credible organization working in various Livingstone communities. The organization works in collaboration with the relevant authorities such as the City Council, District Education Board Secretary, Ministry of Sport and Youth, private companies and the District Commissioner.


  • To promote child education
  • To provide life skills training and empowerment programs to women and youths.
  • To provide sustainable sports, recreational, cultural and wellness opportunities
  • To invest in the youth and women in order to develop their talent and full potential.


  • To promote child education
  • To provide training, recreational & sporting activities to 400 youths & women in Livingstone.
  • To engage the youth and women in physical & moral education
  • To establish and maintain a farming project
  • To educate young people on environmental management and protection.
  • To educate young people on wildlife conservation
  • To sensitize young people on HIV/AIDS and other diseases
  • To promote activities that promote humanity, tolerance & fight against all forms of abuse.