• Introduce the joys of digital media and learning by introducing technology in Government Schools.
  • Labs for grades 6th to 8th with the objective of introducing qualitative learning programs.
  • Incorporation of a curriculum-based self-learning program for Math, administered by our partner NGO – Altius Foundation. This program provides individual access to all children with their own login. This has enabled the middle school children to get used to computers and instills confidence in them in the process of self exploration and learning. TheProgram has provided us encouraging results with the class average grades increasing in a reasonable period of time.


  • Bhoomika Trust identifies Middle and High schools (classes 6th to 8th), in remote locations and from districts after ascertaining the interest of the Head Master and teachers in implementing the program.
  • The teachers are then given an orientation and encouraged to visit schools where Bhoomika Trust has already implemented the program.
  • Once the school confirms its willingness, an MOU with details of the salient features of program implementation is signed with the school.
  • The schools are invited to discuss the program with local government bodies and parents requesting their support for infrastructure in the form of workstations and electrical points.
  • Bhoomika Trust through the help of its donors brings in the IT infrastructure and appoints a facilitator.
  • Altius Foundation – Bhoomika’s partner NGO implements the self learning Math program based on the State Board Syllabus.

Plans for 2023-2024

Bhoomika Trust plans to install Technology-Aided Learning Labs (TALL) in over 10 schools with the self-learning Math Program. The field team has already identified Schools and the process has been initiated.

Every school will have the following:

  • Installation of 20 – 30 computers
  • Servers
  • Accessories – web cam, headphones, etc.
  • Facilitators salary for 3 years
  • Network connectivity
  • AMC costs for 3 years

Every school is estimated to cost INR 10 lakhs. 7% of the cost goes towards project management and administrative costs. The time to complete each project is roughly 2 months.

Past Projects

1. Panchayat Union Middle, Manjankarnai., Ellapuram block, Tiruvallur district

  • Systems installed: 21
  • Server: 2
  • Launched on December 2019

2. High School, Old Alamathi ,Sholavaram block,Ponneri Taluk, Tiruvallur district

  • Systems installed: 35
  • Server: 2
  • Launched on April 2022

3. Govt High School, Jeganathapuram, Sholavaram Block, Thiruvallur – 600067

  • Systems installed: 28
  • Server: 2
  • Launched on September 2022

4. Savitri Ammal Oriental Higher Sec School – Chennai-600004

  • Systems installed: 30
  • Server: 1
  • Launched on Nov 2022

5. Panchayat Union Middle School, Velur village, Minjur block, Ponneri Taluk – Tiruvallur district

  • Systems installed: 21
  • Server: 3
  • Launched on April 2023

6. Panchayat Union Middle School, Janappanchatram, Sholavaramblock -Tiruvallur district

  • Systems installed: 37
  • Server: 3
  • Launched on June 2023

7. Panchayat Union Middle School, Mondiyamman Nagar, Sholavaram block, Tiruvallur district

  • Systems installed: 37
  • Server: 3
  • Launched on April 2023