Bhoomika Trust has been working with Government and Government-aided schools since 2016 focusing on:

Rebuilding Schools – repairs such as relaying of tiles and roof, building classrooms and toilets, etc.

Materials Support – provision of desks, tables, chairs, lockers, stationery, school bags, computers, etc.

Technology-aided learning labs aka T.A.L.L. – setting up computer labs and facilitating learning programs by collaborating with partner NGOs.

Plans for 2023-2024

  • We have identified several schools across Tiruvallur district that need infrastructure upgrade urgently.
  • Timelines for our projects from start to finish has been an average of 3 to 4 months.
  • Once a donor shows interest we will share with them the schools along with the work planned and a tentative estimate.
  • As soon as the donor agrees to take up the project, we get a final estimate from an approved contractor.
  • All our projects are overseen by a qualified project manager with periodic site inspections and reports.

Past Projects

1. Panchayat Union Primary School, Perumbakkam (Chengalpattu district)

No of Children: 320

Work done

  • New school building with 16 classrooms, HM room, Staffroom
  • Library, Computer lab
  • 4 toilet blocks

2. GHS, Perumbakkam (Chengalpattu district)

No of Children: 591

Work done

  • Built an entire floor on the first floor (6 classrooms)
  • 2 additional rooms and boys and girls toilets on first floor

3. Govt. Aided Primary School, Kokkaladi (Tiruvarur district)

No of Children: 76

Work done

  • Replaced entire tile roof and flooring
  • Renovated the noon meal building 
  • Painting of all the buildings

4. Valluvar Aided Primary School, Vittukatti (Tiruvarur district)

No of Children: 69

Work done

  • Replaced entire tile roof for 3 buildings.
  • Flooring
  • Complete painting of all buildings

5. Panchayat Union Primary School, Ezhilur (Tiruvarur district)

No of Children: 124

Work done

  • Replaced tile roof & flooring, 2 toilets
  • Painted all the buildings

6. Tiruvallur Aided Primary School, Thirumanankudi (Nagappattinam district)

No of Children: 155

Work done

  • Replaced tile roof and flooring 
  • 1 toilet fully renovated 
  • Painted all the buildings

7. GHSS, Manikattipottal (Nagercoil district)

No of Children: 206

Work done

  • 10 newly constructed toilets for girls
  • Renovation of boys toilet 

8. SNDP Higher Secondary school, Kuttamangalam, Kuttanadu (Alappuzha district, Kerala)

No of Children: 725

Work done

  • Constructed a 5 classroom new building Including HM room, staff room, sick room and toilets

9. Vivekananda Residential Tribal Vidyalaya, Mattilayam Post, Vellamunda (Via) (Wayanad district, Kerala)

No of Children: 150 

Work done

  • Converted the old dining hall into a kitchen and store area 
  • New dining hall building about 1750 sq.ft